Here is a brief overview of the new SDRSP Web site, launched October 31, 2009. The new Web site takes advantage of interactive Web 2.0 and social media tools to better connect and inform Partnership members, volunteers and the public. These new tools include:

  • RSS feeds — accessed by clicking on “Subscribe to this feed” at the top of the page, this service allows you to get automatic updates from the Partnership sent directly to your Web browser or RSS feed reader.
  • Comment boxes — located under the “Dialogue” heading at the bottom of all Committee pages — and by clicking on the “Leave a comment” link at the top of some homepage articles — commentsocial media globe boxes allow you to ask a question or share an opinion or comment regarding a Committee’s subject area. or article topic. Comments and questions submitted are shared with the respective Committee Chairs and the Partnership Board and, where appropriate, posted on the site.
  • Hyperlinks — names of people and other words colored blue on the Web site are generally hyplerlinks, and clicking on them will take you to more detailed information or, in the case of people’s names, to their e-mail addresses. Names are hyplerlinked to e-mail addresses for members of the Partnership Board and for Committee chairs, making it easy to contact the Partnership’s leaders.
  • Coming soon:  links to the Partnership’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter sites — as these social media tools come on line for the Partnership, these links in the sidebar will take you to each one.

The general layout of the Web site includes main subject areas in tabs across the top, Committee links and other useful information in the left sidebar, and, on the home page, a series of articles (also called “entries” or “posts”) with the latest information about the Partnership. Newest articles appear at the top.