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The San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership is the largest volunteer-based consortium of business, government, academic & community organizations leading & promoting practices that support a sustainable future for the San Diego region.  The unique structure of the Partnership, uniting a diverse array of public- and private-sector organizations behind the common goal of sustainability, serves as a model for similar efforts in other regions. Formed in 2006, the Partnership is a collaborative, bi-national and inter-regional effort to reduce pollution, enact energy savings and improve the quality for current and future generations in the region.  The Partnership supports sustainable communities that are secure, economically prosperous, environmentally responsible and healthy places in which to live and work.

Partnership members and volunteers work to share best sustainability practices and establish synergies to advance policies, research, technologies and programs supporting a more sustainable San Diego region.  The Partnership’s vision is of a vibrant future that includes the careful and intelligent use of resources, restoration and preservation of the natural environment, and a higher quality of life for both present and future generations.

The Partnership is made up of over 60 organizations in the greater San Diego region and is led by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of representatives from Partnership member organizations.  The Board oversees the work of several policy and support committees staffed on a voluntary basis by Partnership members and other volunteers from various sustainability-related fields.  The committees, listed to the left,  focus on key sustainability issues in the San Diego region and support functions for the Partnership.

Partnership activities include workshops, symposia, networking, case studies, outreach, sharing of resources and best practices, participation in sustainability-related community events, a Partnership Breakfast held annually in the fall, a quarterly e-newsletter, this Web site, and more.

Those interested in joining or volunteering for the Partnership are invited to click the “Participate” link at the top of the page.

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