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  • COTE Announces Top Ten Green Projects in the Nation! by Bridgette Meinhold, 04/15/11

LOTT Clean Water Alliance, Olympia, WA
The Miller | Hull Partnership
The large water feature that greets visitors to this project is not just pretty: it is essential to the educational function of the building, which teaches local residents about water treatment and reuse. In addition to onsite wastewater treatment, the project also features green roofs, wetland habitat, and native vegetation  

Each year the AIA’s Committee On The Environment (COTE) honors the best new sustainable architecture projects with a series of awards. These top-notch winners were chosen based on their reduced environmental impact as well as their positive contribution to their communities. The jury selection covers everything from mixed-use residential projects to schools, churches, offices and even a giant green-roofed convention center– read on for a look at this year’s top projects!


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Bottom line? Earth-friendly allies & business leaders push new regional initiative

SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, Mike Lee, November 2, 2006

The San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership is the third local initiative announced in recent weeks that wholly or partly focuses on global warming. It may be the most important because it includes major employers and opinion leaders, including church and military officials. In all, there are 31 charter members and four advisers… Read More »